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Over the last four years I have exhibited and sold from my retail sales stands, which I designed and built in my own workshop. They have had a tremendous visual impact in the City Centre shopping mall and as a consequence generated great interest and strong sales figures during the run up to Christmas.

With many clients returning each year to purchase some of my new work produced during the current year it became like a gathering of friends and was really enjoyable. More of a social event than a hard sell it was really interesting and the level of conversations around photography really quite stimulating. Many people were keen to tell me of their personal endeavours and ask me on occasion advice on camera use and technique. But most encouraging was the input I received on an almost daily basis as to where I could get specific images or where certain wildlife species could be found and when.

Whilst the level of sales has been very good from my retail stands the down side has proved to be the very high rental charged for the retail space within the shopping mall. Combined with this the fall off in actual foot fall in shopping malls generally and the public movement towards e-commerce and the Internet has left this form of retailing marginal