“The Thoughtful Journey Series” A SET OF SIX BOOKS
I have now completed a series of six books, which await publication. The series is called “The Thoughtful Journey Series” they are full of my photography but alongside the images on each page there are quotations or poems or song lyrics or interesting facts. The six books within this first series are titled-

· The Highlander - highland cattle

· The Seasons – photographs of spring, summer, autumn & winter in the highlands.
The Highlands – a collection of photographs taken in the highlands.

· Scotland’s Seals – photographs of seals around the highlands and islands.

· The Isle of Skye – a collection of my best work from this wonderful island.

· Sea and Shore – a collection of images from around the coast of the highlands and islands.

These books are designed to be the ideal size as a gift and to be slipped into a travel bag or suitcase and taken home as part of your flight luggage. They are perfect to remember your holiday through once you return home or to give as a small gift. The series will be increased to cover many other Scottish subjects going forward.